University Representative

Who are APIA Global Representatives?

      The Global Representatives of APIA are a group of innovation enthusiasts, most of which are alumni of APIA Innovation Accelerator Programs. They are energetic, passionate and highly motivated in creating and maintaining a global innovation ecosystem.

What are the responsibilities of Global Representatives?

      APIA brand representation and program promotion.

      Assist in recruitment process of international participants and mentor/speakers for APIA programs.

      Locate development and cooperation opportunities for APIA in oversea markets.

What are the privileges of Global Representatives?

      Access to the resource pool of APIA which includes but not limited to: mentors, industry resources, international alumni network, prioritized employment and internship opportunities at APIA and affiliated companies.

      Improved career outlook, with hands-on experience in the latest international/domestic innovation circle.

      Continuous support from APIA Incubation Services tartups in high-technology fields such as driverless car, 5G technology, artificial intelligence etc. will be provided space and further support.

      Reward and certificates will be given to representatives, with respect to their achievement in the program.