Why your university should join

  · APIA is the most internationalised education program - 200+ participants from 50+ nationalities in 2018 and 120+ participants from 40+ nationalities in 2019 compose a vibrant ecosystem of smart brains and fresh ideas.  

  · Interdisciplinary teams to mimic the transformation process of an evolving startup company - students from IT, marketing, design, science and engineering are working together from idea to an actual startup. All teams compete for “top 10” title and possible investment from Venture Capitalists to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

  · Each participants has a takeaway - tangible (prototypes, prizes, potential investors, gateway to silicon valley) and intangible (improved communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, international network, access to lecturers from the world top 10 universities).

  · Mentors and speakers from Silicon Valley, China and Europe representing the most influential force of innovation and entrepreneurship education (Google, Alchemist Accelerator)

  · A diverse community consists of 120+ world top universities, forming a platform of talented academicians, researchers, students. Partner universities, such as UC Berkeley, Michigan University, Tsinghua University etc have already integrated EIA into their curricula.

  · APIA is a rare opportunity where your university students and faculty can act as ambassadors to introduce Chinese education and culture to team members from a very different background. 

  · Get positive publicity, international spotlight, awards, and recognition. 

University Partners

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