· You will explain what you are doing to friends and family. Upon telling your mates that you're off to Beijing for a Innovation Academy, you might be met with questions like, 'Oh, what´s for?' After seeing your daily (if not hourly) updates of team photos and ready prototypes, however, they'll likely be inspired to come explore for themselves.

· The mentors, teammates, playbook, online platform will guide you through the ups and downs of a startup in real life. You will be surrounded by a friendly, and helpful environment - ingenious ideas are identified, smart work is encouraged, and passionate selling pitches get rewarded.

· You will be teamed up with students from top universities. The sweat and steam during the 10 days will prove you can perfectly fit in with students from 40+ nationalities.

· Investors from Silicon Valley,China and Europe will take note of your products. Who knows, maybe in near future your team will be receiving a seed capital of …. USD  (add your desired amount for a successful launch)

· Your first APIA experience won't be your last! No matter how far your team has been, whether your product was selected for funding at the final pitch, you'll realise that you still have so much left to explore. Returning home, you'll find yourself thinking about all the fun and challenges. Then you'll start planning your next adventure.