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BVC joins Shenzhen University in building International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Incubation Platform

  On March 12, BrightVision Capital (BVC) and the Shenzhen University have signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) to establish a strategic partnership, in promoting globalized innovation and entrepreneurship education. The MOU signing ceremony was held at the Entrepreneurship Park in Shenzhen University. Shenzhen University Vice President, Professor Hongbiao Du, Chairman and CEO of BrightVision Capital Zhu Lin and CEO of European Innovation Academy Anni Sinijär, were present on the occasion. The partnership will create Asia-Pacific’s very own Fintech innovation incubation ecosystem and a globalized platform for cultivating talents in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  According to the MOU, BVC and Shenzhen University will collaborate in-depth, on innovation and entrepreneurship education. Through hosting a range of events and projects, and introducing globalized concepts on education, the partners aim to jointly establish a globalized platform for cultivating talents and startups in innovation and entrepreneurship. It serves to attract innovation competitions and forums, research institutions and venture capital firms on a global-scale to come together and form Asia-Pacific’s very own  industrial finance and tech innovation incubation ecosystem.

  Chairman and CEO of BrightVision Capital, Zhu Lin stated: “Not only is Shenzhen the foreground to the economic reform in China, it is also the city with the most powerful forces of innovation. Through working with Shenzhen University, BVC hopes to bring out and expand the innovative drives of Shenzhen City. The collaboration with world-class innovation accelerator organizations such as the European Innovation Academy will work to cultivate regional students and young entrepreneurs, and also introduce more international startups to start their own business in China, in specific the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Together, we are nurturing the world’s next group of elite entrepreneurs and startups.”

  Shenzhen University Vice President, Professor Hongbiao Du commented: “Shenzhen University wishes to provide talents with globalized innovation and entrepreneurship concepts as well as practical experience. Developing an world-class education and training system in innovation, will to serve to hasten the development of the international module Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”

  A meeting between the student representative and EIA was held after the MOU signing ceremony. As a global leader in tech entrepreneurship education, EIA is an important drive to the creation of Asia-Pacific’s Fintech innovation incubation ecosystem. In 2018, EIA collaborated with BVC to bring its innovation accelerator program to China.

  The first edition of The Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy will take place on July 19th – August 9th, 2018 in Shenzhen, China. The theme of the 2018 APIA International Innovation Accelerator is “AI” which covers more than 50 professional fields, including big data, cloud computing, block chain and intelligent manufacturing. 250 Students from over 100 top universities in China and across the world will take part in the program, which enables participants to leverage a network of globally-experienced mentors to advance their startup ideas. 

  Brightvision Capital

  Brightvision Capital (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a fund manager officially registered in the China Securities Investment Fund Association (registration code: P1061330). It is an innovative, market-oriented private equity fund management company which is co-financed by CITIC Group and Bank of China Group. In serving China’s New-Type Urbanization strategy, BVC develops advanced business models on urban operation, focusing on providing a full range professional financial service for Chinese Urban Operation including high-tech industrial campus and equity investment.

On September 29, 2017, Brightvision Capital (BVC) and the European Innovation Academy have signed an agreement to establish a long-term collaboration that will develop a new initiative, Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy.

  European Innovation Academy

  European Innovation Academy has become a recognized leader in tech entrepreneurship education. Our non-profit, educational programs are developed through joint partnerships with professionals from the world’s top institutions; to include Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, and Google. Our student body, full of future entrepreneurs and business leaders, becomes immersed in a multicultural ecosystem of over 15,000 alumni and faculty hailing from more than eighty-five countries.

  Shenzhen University (SZU),(located in) China’s pioneering city of reform.Titled with “the Special Economic Zone University, the Window University, the Experimental University”, SZU has grown into a multi-discipline university, characterized by its youthful vigor, beautiful campus and rapid growth, offers bachelor, master and PhD degree in great variety of programs. With the state-of-art facilities and a devoted and professional teaching and research team, SZU is committed to an innovative, high-level and international prominent university.One of our goals is to cultivate students’ innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to lead the progress of the society.