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      We welcome both international and domestic organizations onboard as co-founder of the APIA. Together, we can steer towards becoming the global leader in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platforms,and take part in the APIA Innovation Accelerator Program and Competition.

      Our sponsors include: China Cloud City, Homes Innovation Private Equity Fund, CITIC Industrial Cloud Co.,LTD, Google, UC Berkeley ,Media, TCL etc. We offer a range of sponsorship partnership opportunities for companies from the finance and tech industry.

      This year, participants from over 50 countries will take part in the innovation accelerator program. They will be joined by 120 international participants and 80 domestic participants,Mainly from UC Berkeley, London University,Sydney University, Tsinghua University , Peking University, Shenzhen University ,Hong Kong Baptist University etc.

      We invite industry experts and acclaimed entrepreneurs to sign-on to our international panel of Keynote Speakers.

      For more information, please follow:

      BVC-APIA Official Website:


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