APIA International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition APIA

  The 2018 “APIA Cup” joins force with the “ShenChuang Cup” hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government to co-create the International University Student’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition. Fifteen teams will be hand-selected from the pool of elite startup projects in the APIA Innovation Accelerator Program, to take part in the finals of “APIA & ShenChuang Cup”. The top two teams will each be awarded a special travel grant of 10,000RMB, and invited to Shanghai to participate in the finals of 2018 Shanghai Cross Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Competition to win cash prizes up to 200,000RMB.

  2018 Shanghai Cross Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Competition is co-hosted by Shanghai Taiwan Association, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Shanghai Youth Federation, Shanghai Employment Promotion Center and Taiwan related associations. Organizer of this event are Jinshan Innovation Park of Shanghai ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park and Shanghai Jinshan Cross Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Base. The competition includes Shanghai, Taipei and Hongkong divisions.

2018 Shanghai Cross Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Competition

2018 ShenChuang Cup

      The 2019 APIA Innovation Acceleration Camp is China’s ‘first of its kind’super large-scale international innovation bootcamp, hosted by Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy, and jointly organized by Brightvision Capital and The Belt and Road School of Beijing Normal University. The program will be hosted in Jul 21st - Aug 2nd in Beijing. The program will invite over 30 speakers, mentors and VC investors whom of which are experienced professionals from internationally recognized technology companies and institutions. This year’s bootcamp will recruit 120 aspiring entrepreneurs, with 40 local and 80 international participants from all over the world.