APIA Accelerator

       The APIA Innovation Acceleration Camp is China’s ‘first of its kind’ super large-scale international innovation bootcamp, hosted by Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy, and jointly organized by Brightvision Capital and The Belt and Road School of Beijing Normal University. The 2019 program will invite over 30 speakers, mentors and VC investors whom of which are experienced professionals from internationally recognized technology companies and institutions. This year’s bootcamp will recruit 120 aspiring entrepreneurs, with 40 local and 80 international participants from all over the world.  Participants will receive hands-on mentoring which helps them become a global entrepreneur, and to turn ideas into actual startups in just 10 days. Projects will be considered for seed funding and advancement to the “2nd APIA Cup: International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition”.

Program Theme

      The theme this year’s program is “Artificial Intelligence”, focusing on the areas of smart cities, autonomous technology, robotics, big data, blockchain, smart healthcare, 5G technology.

Program Highlight

      Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Mindset

Intercultural Teamwork

Market Exposure for Ideas

Interdisciplinary Training

Seed Funding

Course Structure

      Program methodology is sourced from world class educational institutes in the Silicon Valley, and developed into a 10-day accelerated program suited to the local market environment.

      The curriculum of APIA is co-designed by UC Berkeley, University of Stanford, Google and Microsoft these 4 cutting-edge universities and technology institutes. Based on the natural circle of business startup and suited to local market, the entire circle of start-up is concentrated into a 10-day, 4-stage accelerating program, detailed by the diagram below.