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APIA Global Innovation Summer Bootcamp in Beijing!

Beijing · China Jul 21st - Aug 2nd

APIA is coming to Beijing in 2019!

We are bringing 120 innovation enthusiasts to the Global Hub of Innovation.

30 international teams will be formed.

Mentored by 30 globally renowned entrepreneur,

teams will accelerate their ideas into an actual start-up in just 10 days

At APIA,we are always on our way

 to enlighten your innovative ideas

& inspire your entrepreneurial thinking

Now,It's your time to be the next entrepreneur.


The APIA Innovation Acceleration Camp is China’s ‘first of its kind’ super large-scale international innovation bootcamp, hosted by Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy, and jointly organized by Brightvision Capital and The Belt and Road School of Beijing Normal University. The 2019 program will invite over 30 speakers, mentors and VC investors whom of which are experienced professionals from internationally recognized technology companies and institutions. This year’s bootcamp will host 120 aspiring entrepreneurs, with 40 local and 80 international participants from all over the world.  Participants would be given hands-on mentoring in to learn what it takes to become a global entrepreneur, and to turn ideas into actual startups in just 10 days. Projects will be considered for seed funding and advancement to the “2nd APIA Cup: International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition”.


Beijing· China

Target participants

120 aspiring entrepreneurs


Jul 21st 2019 - Aug 2nd,


Beijing Normal University Jingshi School



2018 APIA Family Photo


The theme this year’s program is “AI", focusing on the areas of smart cities, autonomous technology, robotics, big data, blockchain, smart healthcare, 5G technology.

Program Highlight

Course Structure                                              

Program methodology is sourced from world class educational institutes in the Silicon Valley, and developed into a 10-day accelerated program suited to the local market environment.

Mentors, Speakers & Investors

    The 2019 program will invite over 30 speakers, mentors and VC investors whom of which are experienced professionals from internationally recognized technology companies and institutions.

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学员分享 | Participants Sharing

“The diverse environment and the opportunity to form cross-profession and cross-cultural bond is the most impressive part of APIA. The networking opportunity helps me to develop my views from different perspectives, which enhanced my problem-solving abilities and strengthened my skills overall”

—Shane Zhang,

Master of Green Energy, Hong Kong Baptist University

“I’m super glad to be part of APIA and my team Heaps. We made it to the final round and got two awards! I am very keen to the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially the development of innovation in China!”

—Hasan Sami Ozturk,

Double Masters in Asian & European Affairs

King’s College London

“This program perfectly matches with our major and it’s working as an accelerator for my studies in the past year. I’ve learnt so much over the few weeks in APIA”

—Dasol Kim,

PIEGL (Master’s Program of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership) of Zhejiang University

导师评价 | Mentors Evaluation


 “The APIA Innovation Acceleration Camp functions as a tech-startup simulation and an incubator. It mimics the lifecycle of a startup company, involving ideation, market validation, prototyping and product launch, IP protection as well as pitching to potential investors. As an incubator, it provides the necessary resource for a startup to achieve accelerated growth.

—Zhu Lin,

Chairman and CEO of Brightvision Capital

President of Asia-Pacific Innovation Academy

 “It is a wonderful program! The fundamental process that we go through is how to develop a start-up from scratch”

—Rick Rasmussen

Chief Mentor of 2018 APIA Innovation Acceleration Camp

Director of UC Berkeley Start-up Program


“Young entrepreneurs must have a clear vision and strong willpower to be able to grow an idea to a start-up. The theme of 2018 APIA program is a “hot topic” in many countries, which makes an ideal opportunity for the participants to keep up with the market.”

—Biliang Hu

Executive Dean of Belt and Road School of Beijing Normal University

 “APIA is all about showing students that they can aspire to create a great company and inspire people around them to do the same thing.”

—Duncan Davidson

VC Investor of 2018 APIA Innovation Acceleration Camp

General Partner of Bullpen Capital

The 2018 APIA Innovation Acceleration Camp is the world’s largest of its kind, jointly organized by Brightvision Capital and the European Innovation Academy. The program has brought together 200 aspiring entrepreneurs from over 50 top global universities in 50+ countries, 20 speakers and 50 mentors whom of which are experienced professionals from the Silicon Valley and other global institutions, and also over 10 internationally recognized Venture Capital organizations as potential investors.

The 2018 program is themed around “AI”, which covers more than 50 field professional fields including big data, cloud computing, blockchain and intelligent manufacturing.

Keynote speakers of the 2018 innovation acceleration camp includes academics and senior executives from renowned institutions such as UC Berkeley, Google, Tsinghua Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, TCL, Startup Grind etc.

Participants were given hands-on mentoring by industry experts from the Silicon Valley, Europe, Hongkong and China Mainland to learn what it takes to become a global entrepreneur. 40 startups were created in 21 days, in which 10 teams were selected by the VC panel to advance to roadshow and considered for angel investment. 

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